This project was a comprehensive research poster that involved a combination of a survey and personal exploration of the town, aiming to promote the concept of walkable cities. To conduct the study, I specifically chose my college town of New Paltz as the subject of investigation. The initial step involved distributing a survey to gather insights on residents' motivations for walking, factors that could encourage them to walk more, and the prevailing issues with the town's sidewalks. Armed with valuable responses, I embarked on an expedition, traversing the most frequented sidewalks within the town, meticulously capturing images and recording notes that documented their conditions. The findings emphasized several issues such as sidewalks positioned too closely to the road, significant cracks and holes, and other noteworthy concerns. These visual representations were thoughtfully arranged on a map of New Paltz, accompanied by a thorough analysis of the identified problems and potential solutions, fostering a more pedestrian-friendly environment.
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